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ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ I will miss the train ride in, and the pranks pulled by the twins, and though it's nowhere I have been, I'll keep on smiling from the times I've had with them. ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ I have a 100% Harry Potter blog! If you have any questions, personal or otherwise, feel free to ask! ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ I track thetrainridein so please tag me as that if you have a post you want me to see! ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ

Harry Potter facts

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